Specialized Expertise: Putting our History to Work for Clients in Time of Need

O’Connell Robertson’s mission is to have a positive impact on our communities and we want to assist however we can during this unprecedented time in which COVID-19 is placing ever increasing demands on medical facilities.

Healthcare facility design is the foundation of O’Connell Robertson’s practice and we have experience with control and mitigation of infectious diseases. Specifically, we provided Architectural and MEP design services for the Texas Center for Infectious Disease one of the few free-standing infectious disease hospitals where all 75 patient rooms are airborne infectious isolation rooms. Located in San Antonio, this facility is currently housing Coronavirus patients.

Our Architects and Engineers are available to assess current medical facility conditions and make informed recommendations to help:

  • Repurpose emergency response areas
  • Evaluate existing MEP systems’ capabilities
  • Offer temporary modifications to repurpose current spaces
  • Assess current site conditions for the use of temporary modular buildings, tents, etc.

We are prepared, ready and want to help.

Click here for a pdf with more detailed information: https://tinyurl.com/rryzasf