Listening is the first step
toward great design.

At O’Connell Robertson, we are committed to the understanding of our clients’ business as well as the needs of your specific project. With this knowledge our architects are better able to understand the true mission of the task and are better equipped to offer creative and effective solutions for any environment, from spatial designs and material selections to construction sequencing and lighting strategies.

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MEP Engineering

Engineers are involved early in every project, ensuring smart, efficient design allocations and the ability to respond quickly to engineering issues in the field.

Our MEP Engineering Team brings significant expertise to your projects through their extensive experience in mechanical, electrical and plumbing design services for various industries. Through this deep expertise, our engineers are better able to understand the mission of every project and deliver the best design solutions for your systems.

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Interior Design

We believe in designing interior spaces that are as intuitive as they are beautiful.

One significant advantage of working with O’Connell Robertson is our in-house interior design team, who is engaged with you throughout the entire project. The interiors team will get to know your aesthetic and functional design expectations to create brilliant, yet purposeful environments that bring the mission of every project to life. Our innovative designs result in healthier, inspirational environments.

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Our commissioning experts, including a certified commissioning agent, help reduce energy costs, reduce callbacks for contractors and verify that each system performs to the highest expectations.

O’Connell Robertson offers commissioning services to ensure a smooth building start-up. Our certified commissioning experts help reduce energy costs, reduce callbacks for contractors, and verify that each system performs to the highest expectations, as designed. We customize our commissioning services to the needs of each client, including providing services required for the LEED certification process.

Construction Administration

Construction Administration ensures every project is managed as well as it's designed.

O’Connell Robertson’s Construction Administration Team provides support and guidance from design through project completion. They understand the project’s goals, as well as the client’s needs and concerns, to maintain design and integrity during the construction phase.

Bond Planning and Communications

We help school districts to organize and promote bond initiatives to design and build campus environments that serve the entire community.

Passing a bond can be a significant challenge, and we are dedicated to helping you and your community throughout the process. Our services in bond planning are unique due to our in-house staff with experience in school communications and public relations.