Design Firm’s New Logo and Website Reflect Mission-Driven Approach, Commitment to Innovating

For more than 60 years, O’Connell Robertson has strived to design environments that positively impact all who experience and interact with its work. Now, the Firm has a new logo and branding materials that represent its mission-driven approach to design.

The Firm’s new messaging reinforces O’Connell Robertson’s focus on understanding and accomplishing the mission of each project. The rebranding process involved all employees, who shared their thoughts on the qualities that would continue to move the Firm forward. The new logo acknowledges the Firm’s heritage while communicating an ongoing commitment to innovating and designing to a higher standard. As part of the rebranding initiative, O’Connell Robertson will continue to build on valuable, established relationships with clients, organizations, consultants and builders throughout the region to set new standards for collaborative success.

A new website launched in January illustrates O’Connell Robertson’s belief that the strength of our endeavor is in the purpose it serves. The site demonstrates how the Firm’s diverse in-house expertise and broad range of capabilities enable O’Connell Robertson to see projects from different perspectives and offer new approaches to solving difficult problems.

“We design solutions,” says Rick Burnight, AIA, ACHA, president/CEO of O’Connell Robertson. “Our Team is always seeking and exploring more effective solutions that will achieve better outcomes for everyone. It’s why we never stop innovating. We are excited to reveal our new branding materials which better reflect our efforts to enrich people’s lives through design.”