2020 TSPRA Conference: Moments Matter and Have Lasting Impact – Learn How to Influence Them

O’Connell Robertson’s President, Amy Jones, spoke at the 2020 TSPRA* Annual Conference held at the Omni Barton Creek Resort in Austin this year. The conference offers professional development and collegial networking for Texas education communicators. Amy participated in the high-energy, fast-paced morning roundtable discussions, leading four sessions with school public relations professionals from around the state, each lasting twenty minutes.

Amy’s discussion stemmed from a book entitled, “The Power of Moments”, by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. Amy adapted what she learned to the education industry attendees with the goal of creating loyalty and increasing tenure among staff, teachers, and administrators. The captive audience learned how moments matter and steps they can take to influence experiences.

The conversations were based on the idea that defining moments share one or more of the following key elements:

  1. Elevation – Moments that rise above the ordinary or transcend the normal course of events – they are extraordinary
  2. Insight – A realization of something that might influence our lives for years to come in a moment
  3. Pride – Moments that capture us at our best – achievements, courageousness
  4. Connection – Moments of connection are social as they are shared with others

“Defining moments are meaningful experiences that stand out in our memories. They are short experiences that are both memorable and meaningful.”

Discussion participants were encouraged to think about moments which deserve to be punctuated, such as transitions (first days, promotions), milestones (birthdays, accomplishments), and pits (negative feedback, loss of loved ones).

Amy concluded by challenging each participant to consider a goal of creating more meaningful and memorable experiences for their work, the people they care about, their staff/team, and their students.

“Defining moments lead to countless positive and measurable outcomes. Our good intentions to create these moments are often overshadowed by urgent-seeming problems and pressures. We then prioritize fixing over making moments matter.”

*Texas School Public Relations Association