University of Texas T-Room
Clean lines, large expanses of glass and modern finishes enhance the new
T-Room suite, along with views through the learning resource center, multiple collaboration spaces, and open study tables.

The renovation of the T-Room transformed the building, creating more openness and encouraging collaboration and interaction between students and faculty.

In 1952, a group of University of Texas engineering students nicknamed the “Gophers” dug out the basement of Taylor Hall on the UT Austin campus to create a space where they could study and interact. Using shovels and pick axes, the students dug out more than 67,000 cubic feet of dirt to create a community space known as the “T-Room.”

Nearly 50 years later, O’Connell Robertson was selected to design a renovated T-Room that supported the school’s interest in using interactive spaces to deliver a creative, comprehensive educational experience. The resulting space includes gathering areas that facilitate impromptu student and teacher conversations and encourages learning through interaction and collaboration.

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